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        Hello! My name is Calvin Gabet and I am a High School Student who has always felt drawn to the sports world. I spent my entire youth playing all kinds of sports from soccer to basketball to flag football. Eventually, though, I landed on baseball. I am now entering my senior year and have not had the opportunity to play the last two seasons due to shoulder surgery. However, this set-back has not tarnished my love for all things sports. So, in order to share this love, I have created this blog. It is a way for my fellow sports nerds to get the news, opinions and hot takes that I know I am always searching for.  I will write about the NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAAB, and CFB. And just as the title states, it does not matter which is in season. There is always news to be shared. My goal is to provide valuable information in a fun and easily comprehensible format. Additionally, my favorite teams will get extra coverage because of how much extra research I do on these clubs specifically. I am a fan of the Denver Broncos, the Miami Marlins, and the Indiana University Hoosiers. Please enjoy, and I hope you learn a lot!

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